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Below are a few of what Scott believes are the more pressing issues that he wants to bring front and center. He is always willing to discuss and hear additional issues that are of interest to the citizens of Wylie.  Please feel free to contact him directly at or call him directly at 972-948-9210 to discuss these or any additional issues or concerns you may have.


Infrastructure - How has Wylie done, and what can we do better?

Scott thinks the City of Wylie and Wylie leadership have done an excellent job of maintaining the Comprehensive Master Plan while creating and developing green space through the Parks and Space Master Plan.  With residential buildout currently at approximately 92% and commercial buildout at an estimated 87%, Scott will use his knowledge of construction and experience as a commissioner on the Planning & Zoning Commission to work hard to keep current zoning, only rezoning when its in the best interest of the citizens of Wylie.  This, combined with Scott’s forward planning of Wylie’s existing utilities and services, will ensure Wylie retains such accolades as Money Magazine’s Top 20 places to Live among others in the Nation.

Fiscal Accountability – What will Scott’s vision be for Fiscal Accountability?

Scott is proud of the awards the City of Wylie has received for having Fiscal Transparency.  The City Council, city staff and financial team recently received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. As a Fiscal  Conservative, Scott is committed to the balance of great city services, and amenities but thinks they should not come at the price of over taxation. Scott supports the Effective Tax Rate, keeping our balanced budgets and when possible will work hard to reduce property taxes as done in 2020 per the September 30, 2020 CAFR, ”The budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 approved by the City Council reflected a decrease in the property tax rate of $0.016475 per $100 of assessed property valuation. This rate was one cent below the now new revenue tax rate and was the ninth consecutive year the Council has decreased the tax rate.” Scott will work hard and use his knowledge and experience as a local business owner of over 25 years to continue this trend.

Health & Safety – What are some of Scott’s high priority items?

Scott cares about all citizens of Wylie. He supports Wylie's first responders, firefighters, police officers and their needs, which ultimately serves the citizens of Wylie. Ensuring the safety of the citizens of Wylie is extremely important to Scott. Whether it is working on COVID-19 precautions while still keeping the great City of Wylie operational, or addressing and resolving the McMillian/1378 dangerous “S” curve, Scott is committed to finding solutions, even if solutions don’t seem possible.  Where planned projects have stalled on the Capital Improvement Program, Scott, as a visionary who excels at creating win-win scenarios, will work hard to bring these projects to completion. In addition to these direct health impacts, important to Scott are also the indirect health impacts. Keeping our environment safe and healthy matters. Finding more great programs like the X-treme Green Event, and preserving and creating open spaces in order to promote lower greenhouse gas emissions and lowering our carbon footprint are equally important.  Additionally, Scott will work to ensure there is a stronger LEED presence in Wylie.  Scott will use his experience with problem resolutions and contract negotiations in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the citizens of Wylie.

Arts & Entertainment – What is Scott’s position on extra circular’s?

Scott has the opinion, “As citizens of Wide Awake Wylie, it’s in our bones, we can’t be Wylie without events like these!”.  Just as Wylie was a place for commerce and late night fun time gatherings in the late 1800’s, Wylie’s events like Bluegrass on Ballard, the Arts Festival, Boo on Ballard, and more are relationship builders that make Wylie, Wylie.  Continuing to add to events like these are critical to keeping Wylie the special place it is.  Scott knows “We are Better Together”.  Scott envisions a variety of cultural events being available to our diverse City of Wylie, which will help educate our citizens on cultural differences and histories.  Scott believes “It’s only when we embrace these differences that we ourselves are truly stretched and as a result, we grow”.  Scott’s genuine love for people is evident to all who meet him.   

Scott Williams For Wylie City Council Campaign
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